Hong Kong Stock
Trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it is the world's leading exchange in the Asian time zone and the most dynamic capital market in Asia, connecting China and the world.
Hong Kong Stock
Stock (also known as capital stock) is a form of security that indicates the ownership of a fraction of a corporation. A single share of stock represents the corporation's fractional ownership in proportion to the total number of shares.
Diversified Sections, More than 10,000 choices

The Hong Kong service market covers a wide range of sectors, including banking, energy, technology, food, etc. The total number of listed securities is currently as high as 17,000. Investors can choose any industry to invest in the market. After buying shares, you invest a small part in the company that issued the shares, and thus become one of the company's shareholders, representing a small part of the asset ownership in the company.

International Financial Center

The Hong Kong stock market is the most dynamic capital market in Asia, connecting China with the world. Funds in the market come from investors globally, and it has also helping Hong Kong maintain its position as an irreplaceable international financial center.