About Us

With professional financial services, top-notch technology and high-quality supporting facilities, Patrons Securities helps investors to increase their assets and help all industries to flourish, so as to achieve a win-win situation.
Your Premier Financial Service Provider
Patrons Securities was founded by a group of experienced elites in the industry. With its extensive network of contacts and abundant financial experiences, it benefits every industry and is determined to become the leading platform for investment in all walks of life.
Patrons Securities | Hong Kong financial and securities services provider
Our Philosophy and Vision

Patrons Securities is based in Hong Kong, backed by Mainland China and facing the world. We value every client and aspire to develop fin-tech with a steady business growth to provide investors and partners the highest quality of financial services. Hence, we lead investors to achieve a win-win situation with comprehensive products, services, technologies and more.

Qualifications and Compliance

Patrons Securities Limited is a licensed corporation (CE Number.: BPQ161) under Patrons Financial Holdings Limited licensed to carry out regulated activities of Type 1 for Dealing in Securities and Type 4 for Advising on Securities under the Securities and Futures Ordinance; Patrons Capital Limited (CE Number: BSM550) has obtained Type 6 License for Advising on corporate finance and is qualified to act as an IPO sponsor.

Patrons Securities | Hong Kong financial and securities services provider

Brand Value

Keep Improving
Providing premier and professional services by a group of experienced experts.
Win with Sysnergy
Lead stakeholders to maximize the overall interests through synergies.
Open Up Chances
Enhance the connectivity of global financial through its high quality services.
Client Oriented
Adhered to the client-first service spirit in our decision-making process.
Stable and Innovative
Expand financial innovation in a steady pace to seek success in stability.
Caring for Society
Contribute to charity affairs for helping children and the needy in the society.