Patrons Empowered the Financial World
Patrons Securities was founded by a group of experienced elites in the industry. With its extensive network of contacts and abundant financial experiences, it benefits every industry and is determined to become the leading platform for investment in all walks of life.
Patrons’ Advantages

Strong industry witness  Win-Win with synergy

Professional Team
Providing premier services by a group of experienced experts.
Strong and Stable
Gain recognitions from the industry for its abundant funds and strength.
Financial Security
Value the security by using the world-class fund management system.
Adopt financial technology to improve its service quality.
Diversifiable and Flexible Investment
Patrons Securities has a variety of products, including Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, IPO subscriptions, structured products, inline warrants, exchange-traded funds and margins that enable clients to flexibly use varied investment tools to increase assets.
Hong Kong Stocks

Stock (also known as capital stock) is a form of security that indicates the ownership of a fraction of a corporation. A single share of stock represents the corporation's fractional ownership in proportion to the total number of shares. Therefore, a corporation can raise capital and funds by issuing stock certificates in the stock market.

U.S. Stock

Compared with other financial markets, the US market has a large scale, low investment barrier, high transparency and strong liquidity. Its large transaction volume, market capitalization and number of listed companies provide international investors with unique investment opportunities.

IPO Subscription

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first time a privately held company issues shares to the public, which leads to a market listing. Once the company is listed in the public market, its shares are available for free market trading.

Structured Products Warrants & CBBC (Callable Bull/Bear Contracts)

Structured products are a relatively complex investment. A structured product is a pre-packaged structured finance investment strategy based on a basket of securities, debt issuance or foreign currencies, and derivatives.

Inline Warrants

Inline Warrants are a type of structured product that allows investors to generate returns during a range-bound market and receives a pre-determined fixed payment at expiry. 


Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an open-end fund that can be bought and sold on stock exchange. All ETFs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are collective investment schemes approved by the SFC. It can be managed actively or passively depending on the market conditions.

Margin Business

Margin account is also known as cash overdraft account. Investors can use the stocks in the margin account as collateral, borrow funds to invest according to a certain proportion of the total value of the assets in the account, and improve the profitability of clients in the form of leverage.

Patrons Securities APP
One-stop Investment and Financial Tool
Patrons Securities provides clients with secure and reliable online securities services. By downloading the mobile app and setting up a double security code within the app, clients can conduct transactions securely and efficiently in an environment that comply with the requirements of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).